Current Bankruptcies

The following is a SAMPLE list of the cases we have purchased or are purchasing claims in.

Please contact us directly to receive up-to-date proposals on the following cases listed below or on any other bankruptcy/insolvency/receivership case.  We are currently involved with over 1,000 separate cases.


  • Ambassador Insurance Co.

  • Circuit City Stores, Inc.

  • DSB Bank N.V.

  • Eastman Kodak Co.

  • Executive Life Insurance Co.

  • Home Insurance Co.

  • Integrity Insurance Co.

  • Legion Insurance Co.

  • Lehman Brothers

  • Midland Insurance Co.

  • M.F. Global

  • Nortel Networks

  • Reliance Insurance Co.

  • Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation

  • Syms Corp.

  • Vesta Fire Insurance Co.

  • Washington Mutual, Inc.