About Liquidity Solutions

Liquidity Solutions, Inc. (LSI), as its name suggests, provides cash for paper assets that ordinarily are illiquid.
Our firm specializes in purchasing claims and interests in distressed situations specifically bankruptcies, liquidations and insolvent estates.
Our “investor clients” range from large funds and banking institutions to individual investors. Our “seller clients” range from Fortune 500 corporations to small companies and individuals both domestic and abroad. The breadth of our clientele allows our firm to offer a wide array of opportunities for sellers and buyers of distressed claims.

Our Business Is Divided As Follows:

  • Trustee and Attorney Services
  • Insurance Services
  • Creditor Services

LSI purchases many different types of claims in bankruptcies and liquidations primarily in the United States and Canada including:

  • Bank Debt
  • Trade Claims
  • Administrative Claims
  • Priority Claims
  • Equity Interests
  • Secured Claims
  • Lease Rejections
  • Contract Rejections
  • Disputed Claims

Trustee And Attorney Services

LSI provides services to trustees and attorneys in insolvency cases. These services are divided into three areas.

Funding Cases

LSI purchases illiquid paper assets enabling insolvent estates to close, while maximizing the value of potentially abandoned property.

Funding Plans

LSI would consider funding Plans of Reorganization.

Our primary focus is in estates located in North America, England and Bermuda. We would consider estates in other areas as well.

Insurance Services

LSI purchases claims in insurance insolvencies. Such claims often take many years if not decades to fully liquidate while paying claimants only a fraction on the dollar after such time. LSI purchases such claims and provides liquidity for some of the slowest paying assets in the insolvency industry. LSI has purchased such Claims from its international client base, ranging from insurance companies that are indebted on reinsurance claims to actual claimants who prefer immediate liquidity. Estates that are considered are located in North America, England and Bermuda and elsewhere.